I’m RJ – The Mormon Adventurista

Hello friends! I'm a newbie traveler originally from Southern California, currently living in Utah for work. Growing up, I never had a desire to travel. I lived in an area where I had the beach, mountains, desert, and different cultures all within a short drive from my front door. My best friends were from all over the world. I never knew what it was like to live out of a backpack, race through an airport in a distant country trying to make a connection, or even handling foreign currency. I got a taste of what it was to travel during an adventure in New Orleans, LA, and the travel bug finally bit me.

For years I thought I was too old to start traveling, didn't possess the "right" body-type for perfect pictures, and didn't have enough money. Boo to all of those negative thoughts. It took a little self-exploration before I realized that:

  1. I'm not the only one who has had those thoughts before.
  2. Who cares what other people think?
  3. I'm awesome.


BOOM. Enter: Wide-Eyed in WanderLand.


I started my first "travel blog" when I did a study abroad in Germany back in 2014, and it was mainly a way for my mom to know what I was up to. I was the first to travel long-distance, solo, and loved writing about my adventures. I found it therapeutic and a way to relive wonderful memories. Why should I stop? 

I am not an experienced traveler. I went on a 5 week study abroad in Germany, and took a week before and after to do some additional exploring. I've been to a few places within the United States, but I am just starting my life as an adventurista.


So what can you expect to find on this blog?

*While trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of traveling, there will be TONS of "wide-eyed moments" to share and laugh about (of course, after-the-fact). 

*I don't drink and don't necessarily like to go out and party hard. How can people like me enjoy places that are known for beer, wine, and nightlife? I've experienced it a bit and want to keep it up!

*Honesty. I believe in calling it like I see it, especially when it comes to travel, without curse words. 

*I believe everyone and everything deserves a chance, no matter what. With that, I'm taking my list of places that I previously have had no interest in and giving them the chance they deserve. I might fall in love with it, I might confirm that I don't like it, or I might move there. You never know, right?
*I know a lot of blogs are focused mainly on finding those off-the-beaten-path places, while others highlight the popular spots. My goal is to find a happy medium. Join me!


I am a Mormon. I am an amateur chef. I am a big-smiling-don't-like-taking-normal-pictures-of-myself adventurista. This is a travel blog where I will share my travel experiences. I will not be using this as a platform to preach ANY form of religion. All of my opinions expressed here are just that: MY OPINIONS. I do not speak for anyone or any group. Should you choose to be offended by my blog, please feel free to stop reading and go about your life in the manner you see fit, no hard feelings. If you have questions, I'd be happy to put you in contact with a couple of young men that would be more than excited to chat!

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